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Moonie Cuts

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Walk on the wild side

$110 per hour

Bang Trim $30

Crescent Color

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Move into your new phase 

Color Retouch & Blowout 

One hour, thirty minutes

Color Retouch & Haircut 

Retouching new growth on custom color with haircut (2 hrs)

Color, Highlight, Glaze, & Blowout 

A complete color design from root to ends (3 hrs)

Color, Highlight, Glaze, & Haircut 

A full transformative experience with fresh cut and color (3 hrs 30 mins)

Color Correction 

Begin anew and leave the past behind, includes treatments and lightener (4h 30min)

Add Ons
you are able to add on time when booking

Pale Moon Blondes

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Highlight, Glaze, Haircut 

Bring new dimension to your moonlit glow (3 hrs)

Get that glow

Bleach Out, Glaze, & Haircut 

Begin your blonde journey or lighten your current look (2 hrs thirty minutes

Hairline or Focal Highlight 

Often added on to a color treatment to further accentuate your new glow  (~20 mins)

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