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About Melissa

I love that every look and decade is in style right now. Society is finally throwing outdated rules of fashion out and living the feral life! 

My particular niche is shag haircuts, I love a good shag from every decade- 60’s Bardot, 70’s Linda Rhondstat, 80’s Heart, and 90’s Metallica.

I also love a lil Debbie Harry bob, a Pat Benetar pixie, and just about any kind of punk rock mullet or mohawk.  

In my free time I love to quietly get out for lunch and breakfast in our community and supporting local! If you need any recommendations I got you!

My career is 23 years old and I’m definitely loving this particular era. My hobbies include getting educated, setting and crushing goals, as well as visiting places I have never been with my bestie and life partner, James.  

LGBTQ+ Friendly -- Trans Ally & Safe Space

About Fevered Moon

Something to know about me is that I love a curated high vibe environment that is inclusive to every body and hair type. In my space you’ll find a very unique studio that features female artists and plenty of hair inspo. My studio has a metaphysical undercurrent with crystals, moons and really rad art. You’ll be hearing a lot of rock and roll in here!

You will find my studio inside of Feathers Beauty Lounge at 665 Everhart Rd, Corpus Christi.

Once inside, look for the Fevered Moon road sign!

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